Thursday, March 22, 2018

Weekly overview - week of 3/19/18

During this short week, students continued to work on their solar schools project. In small groups, they are finishing presentations and planning out their short videos in order to submit them to the Ecology Center’s contest in just a few weeks. Some students are working on 3D modeling, others are working to develop a proposal to present to Walter, and another group is working on low-cost options for the use of solar panels to power the greenhouse (a related project about which the 3-4s presented at last week’s morning meeting). In addition to their work on the specifics of solar energy and its feasibility (including using the architectural site plans from the school in order to determine roof angle and area), students have also been learning about simple and compound interest, including related math used to determine estimated payoff and return on investment.

They’ve also been reading The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind. On Tuesday, wrote an in-class impromptu essay responding to a prompt about the book (“impromptu” in the sense that they didn’t know the prompt beforehand; they did know they’d be writing an essay in class). After reviewing how to structure a three paragraph essay, students had approximately one hour to write an essay with quotes from the book and commentary that connected the quotes to their thesis statement. This was our first opportunity to write a timed essay this year and we’ll continue to practice this skill.

We hope everyone has a peaceful, joyful, and healthy spring break.

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