Thursday, October 26, 2017

Weekly overview - week of 10/16/17

We started the week with a zine making workshop with special guest and longtime friend of SK, Megan Gilson. After giving us a brief history of zines, Megan led us through exercised where we brainstormed how we use words to help change minds and then, if given the chance, what systems (on a school, state, or national level) we might want to change. Students then set to work developing their ideas and creating their own small zines. This idea of students as change-makers with something to say intersected nicely with the work that the students on the Michigan Student Caucus (MSC) site.

On that MSC front, students shared their media artifacts (including a game, several podcasts, two original infographics, and several informational articles) with their peers on the site. They are now starting the process of seeking expert “consultants” to help them learn more about their issue and to give them feedback on their potential solutions to the problems they’ve identified.

On Thursday, we returned to the concept of tools that change people and vice versa (a lens that we introduced at Tillers in September and will return to when we start our autonomous vehicle project in November). Jim Horton, expert printmaker and woodcarver, joined us with a moveable press and taught us how to set type, ink leaves, and print our own bookmarks. Jim also taught us about the history of the press and led us in a discussion of the ways in which printmaking technology has changed over time.

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