Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Weekly overview - weeks of 4/17/17 and 4/24/17

Week of 4/17/17:

After a brief discussion of usability and website architecture, students started mapping out their online portfolios on paper. First, they’ll design the information structure of the site and then they’ll use Google sites to build the site itself. We’ll be working on the creation of these online portfolios for the next several weeks.

We also started lessons on health, wellness, and sexuality this week. While we will teach the year-long Our Whole Lives program, we believe that some topics are important to cover each year in seventh and eighth grade. These topics include reproductive anatomy; communication skills and strategies; risk taking; peer pressure; and decision making. We will continue these lessons and conversations for the remainder of the school year.

Week of 4/24/17:

This week, we continued to work on portfolios by getting work ready to show to the public. Students organized (sorted, labeled, and renamed) artifacts in their Google drives. The next step will be cleaning up and reflecting upon that which they consider their best work from the year.

In health class, we focused on communication skills and strategies as we examined effective ways of creating productive and respectful dialogue in different situations.

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