Friday, March 31, 2017

Weekly overview - week of March 27

This week, students presented their final projects and reflections on the food unit. Each student presented a research question, a hypothesis, a procedure they developed to test their hypothesis, results (in raw data and in graph form), and conclusions to be drawn from the results.

Students also presented their reflections on the food unit. We’ve been working toward the answer to the question of how we decide what to eat since January 9, when we first watched a documentary on bread and proceeded to make our first loaves together. Students reflected on ways in which their perspectives and understandings have changed since we started this project. Below are excerpts from their reflections (shared with their permission):

  • “I realized how important it is to be connected to your food, and to know where it comes from. [...] When people are connected to their food, they remember the love for food that stretches all the way back to the first people to grow a crop. They know then that food matters. To be connected to your food is to be connected to your history.” -- 8th grader
  • “I’m now really eager to grow things and make something new (or not so new) for the world.” -- 8th grader
  • “Now I have more faith in myself to bake and cook.” -- 7th grader
  • “I now realize how much food can have an impact on a community by bringing people together.” -- 7th grader
  • “I learned so much about how food is intertwined with culture.” -- 7th grader

P.S. Don't forget to check out the class photo album (upper right sidebar). I just added new photos from our adventures (in and out of class) from the last few weeks.

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