Friday, March 17, 2017

Weekly overview - week of March 13

This week, students continued to wrap up the results, analysis, and conclusion portions of their individual (or partnered) science projects. Students used spreadsheets to format their data into readable tables and then used that data to create useful, appropriately labeled charts (within the spreadsheet). Through this project, in addition to the content of their work, we’ve also been developing spreadsheet and data visualization skills. It’s exciting to see them create charts with the data they collected themselves (and to see their excitement when they’ve figured out how to use the technology tools in a meaningful way). They will be sharing these projects during presentations the week of March 27.

We also welcomed Eric Kampe, owner of Ann Arbor Seed Company, to our class on Wednesday afternoon. Eric taught students about seed saving: its history, how it works, and why it matters. We also discussed current issues in seed farming, including hybrid seeds and seed patenting. Students participated in a lively game of “guess what vegetable grows from this seed” (based on a diverse selection of “show and tell” seeds that Eric brought for us to examine) and enjoyed videos of Eric demonstrating how to separate seed from chaff. As we wrap up our unit of study focused on how we decide what to eat, it was interesting to consider the most basic element at the core of what we eat: the seed. Huge, huge thanks to Eric for such an engaging and interesting presentation.

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