Friday, February 17, 2017

Weekly overview - week of February 6

This week, we started planning for our big “Serve Up a Cause” event on February 28. The 7-8s will be hosting a fundraising dinner for Freedom House, a Detroit-based center (the only one of its kind in the country) that provides transitional housing and a wide range of services for refugees seeking asylum. The dinner is from 6-7pm on 2/28. Students will be cooking and serving the dinner themselves. Tickets are $10 and will be on sale before and after school from Monday, February 13, through Friday, February 17. Right now, students are working on event promotion, ticket spreadsheets, sales schedules, and welcome-speech writing.

Earlier this week, we visited Maiz Cantina in Ypsilanti to see the “Wall of Stories” that the employees and managers built as a way of bringing people together through art and storytelling. We met with Beatriz Vargas, the general manager, who shared her own story and the story of the wall itself. We left thinking about both the way that restaurants can serve as places that bring people together and, more broadly, about the way that communities are strengthened by the sharing of stories.

Huge, huge thanks to Beatriz for hosting us and sharing her story and to Maiz for supporting community art.

This week was also cake week. Students divided themselves into groups for a cake baking contest (using recipes with a story, which they researched). On Thursday, they baked for most of the day and then showed off their creations to the 5-6s, who came to judge the cakes based on taste, appearance, and “interesting-ness.” The four cakes (a caramel cake from 1901; a Mardi Gras king cake; an English Victoria sponge cake; and a molten lava cake) were all delicious (of course). We had a little bit of fun baking, too.

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