Thursday, December 8, 2016

Weekly overview - week of December 5

In English, we started the week with additional reading about two specific cases of gene editing in animals: salmon that grow significantly faster than their traditional counterparts; and mosquitoes that are specially designed to curb the spread of diseases. We mapped out arguments in favor of and opposed to genetic editing of animals as preparation for a formal debate on the topic (two, actually, since teams will be working on either salmon or mosquitoes) the week of December 19. Genetic editing and cloning are topics on the forefront of our minds as we continue reading The House of the Scorpion, which has resulted in deep thinking about the ethics and potential human or animal rights issues that genetic editing forces us to consider. We also deepened our study of ekphrastic and epistolary poetry this week with a trip to the University of Michigan Museum of Art, where we learned about art inspired by other art and wrote ekphrastic poetry of our own. 

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